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Friday, September 22, 2006

Why are we blooked?

We love talking about books but we don't have time to meet up, and we've got friends in other towns and countries who want to talk about books too. This blog will have one or two postings for each month, and we'll let you know ahead of time what we're reading and what we're going to be talking about - so you can read it too. For October we're reading "Saturday" by Ian McEwan and "Summer with Monika" by Roger McGough. Join us at the beginning of October when we'll be talking about these books and let you know what we're reading for the rest of the year.


Blogger Vic_Stirling said...

An interview on timesonline reveals that McEwan has put a lot of himself in the character of Perowne. I thought the meeting with Blair stood out in the book and although he attempted to weave it into the narrative I think it did feel like it had really happened. I particularly liked 'A hairline fracture had appeared in the assurance of power'.


1:50 PM

Blogger Sheffield SJ said...

mmmm...I kinda gathered that McEwan put a lot of himself into Perowne...which made him a self-satisfied, coming-on 50 angsty mix of a rather tedious man in my view...though some of the father's feelings on the enfants flying the nest was quite touching. The (neo?)Darwinian 'social justice is (only?)attainable through brain scanning and 'appropriately dealing with' the outputs' theme was interesting, but only scratched the surface. There was some nice language, but a lot of it seemed convoluted - like the plot. I'm obviously never going to be any kind of literary critic because every worthy broadsheet critic and his dog thoughts that Saturday was a great novel, comparable with Mrs Dalloway bla bla. I thought it was a bit middle class and boring...

4:21 AM

Blogger papiermache said...

Im blooked because it` a way of `meeting` other people who have some facet of their life which links with you.

4:18 AM

Blogger papiermache said...

Help.How to find new comments? Are you starting a new heading soon for this month?

1:49 PM


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